Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am and have been very intrigued by the human mind and ways of thinking and also the immense size of space.

Everyday i look at the sky. At night, myself and many others observe the stars and the luna. I never really understood the enormity of the world, or say, the universe.

Well, the reason i did not see the enormity is because there is no relative aspect of the sky. Let me explain my understanding of relativity first.

Say, John goes shopping. He really likes a pair of Nike Shoes. He wants to buy them. However, when he looks at the Adidas shoes next to it, he immediately changes his mind and gets hellbent on buying the Adidas ones. Okay by the way i don't really like or support Adidas.. Its just an example.

So, he wants to buy the Adidas ones. When he looks at the Nike ones at the next instant, he has no intention of buying it anymore, right? We decipher materialistic aspects by comparison, or by relativity. We always judge something as compared to something else.

This is fundamentally relativity.

However, i never used relativity when observing the sky. I observed the sky as an absolute phenomena.

So one night i was walking past my high rise flat building. It was a superbly clear night and i looked vertically upwards, with the building and the stars in my line of sight. I had actually observed the height of the stars and compared it to that of the building. Then relativity did the rest. This was my new relative aspect of the sky. And only after this i realized just how huge this world is, as compared to what i thought. I felt a feeling of nothingness, though, i still felt something!

This sky that i saw was only the atmosphere of the Earth. It's nothing as compared to the size of the solar system, let alone our galaxy.

Some cosmologists even say that if we were to consider our Milky way as a thumb pin, our entire universe would be the size of China. Just imagine that. And furthermore, it is still expanding exponentially. I find this very remarkable.

Try this out and i hope you will be moved the way i was.

Will write more soon, thank you very much for your time if you have read this post.


  1. that's a nice first post.. (:
    the universe is indeed a giant compared to tiny human beings yeah .

  2. Atreya, I do my Pranayam early in the morning and I sit out on my deck overlooking the mountain stream. The flowing water on the stones makes a kind of music which one can not describe but can only hear. I am supposed to close my eyes while doing these breathing exercises, but I am too greedy to miss out on the realm of the vast sky. I keep watching the changing pattern of the sky with its clouds, stars and any other elements which may appear. Do you know i notice Star rise because just as you said relativity makes it possible for me to notice this. Sun rise , moon rise and sun set and moon set are well documented for each day, But i notice certain stars popping up on the horizon one after the other because they do so from the edge of my mountain. It is my personal mountain and my personal stars and i communicate with them by wishing them HIE