Monday, June 21, 2010

Do you have small change?

Hello Readers!

In this post, I want to share about an experience that changed my view of life. Don't worry, it won't be very mathematical :)

However cheesy this may sound, ever since I turned 15, I've always wanted to do something to change the world. I wanted to change the mindset of a large number of people through the use of science and religion. In fact, that is one of the reasons why I created this blog. So, I always thought that the only way I could be useful for the world is by striving for big goals that were external to me.

But, recently I realised something that changed the purpose of my life. 

I was having a particularly bad and unproductive day. I was quiet and unhappy for pretty much the entire day. On the bus home, I was continuously staring at the surroundings, preoccupied with my misery. The bus stopped near a mall and I noticed one of my school mates sitting at the bus-stop. I didn't know him particularly well, but I talked to him once or twice before. He seemed engrossed in some book and had this subtle look on his face. One of purity and clarity.

Here I was, having a miserable day and hating myself for my condition and not being able to do anything about it. And here was this guy, doing something so small and simple to improve his life, and enjoying it. The simplicity of his action hit me. Just by watching him, something resonated deep inside me. A sense of calmess and clarity descended on me. It was like seeing a patch of warm azure sky coming out of dull clouds. I never thought I'd experience such a feeling. It was so powerful. It made me want to get my life out of it's miserable and animalistic state. His simple action inspired me to make a change in my life!

I learnt a valuable lesson from this experience. My initial view on life was to do something on a huge and external scale. I wanted to change the external world. However, this guy at the bus stop changed me and my state of life by improving himself. How then could he have helped me if he was intending to help himself?

The answer to this comes from a Buddhist philosophy. The entire universe, from animals to protons to neutrons to electrons, is inter-connected. Every being is mystically connected to the entire universe. By improving and polishing yourself, by becoming a first-class individual, you improve yourself and the connections between you and the universe. In such a process, you also improve the universe. That's how the guy improved me. This also explains that we do not necessarily have to "dream big" to help the world. We can change the world by changing ourselves.

In other words, internal change is a more powerful and practical approach towards improving the world.

Just imagine if every person in the world were to perform this form of Human revolution, what a beautiful place the world would be.


  1. Why are you so keen on improving the universe (in what way exactly?) and making the world a better place, that leans towards altruism. At the end of the day where would this get you?

    Im not too familiar with Buddhism but are you intending to do this through religion or spirituality to be exact? Cause I really don't see where religion fits into all this.

  2. Hi Meera,

    Thanks for asking your question. Well, I am keen on doing these things because in my heart, I feel that it is right. If we meet, then I will definitely explain to you my intentions and how religion plays a part in all of this.

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  4. You should keep posting, when you do have the time. Recently I've started a journal of my own, i think the word diary leans toward a more feminine side haha, but i feel quite uplifting after putting my thoughts in words.