Sunday, February 27, 2011

Heaven's in the backyard?

Just recently I was in college and I told a friend of mine about my blog. He told me that he had one too when he was a bit younger, and then asked for the name of my blog. I told him, “Well... It’s called heaven's in the backyard.” His expression changed a bit and he put on a wry smile. He said, “Well... that’s a weird name.” Come to think of it- it definitely is a weird name. And that’s precisely what I love about it. But beyond the weirdness of it, the name of my blog actually means something to me and I’ll be explaining why I named it “Heaven’s in the backyard”

On my birthday in 2009, my mother bought me the Celestron Astromaster 114 EQ. It’s an amazing telescope. It’s nothing fancy, but I absolutely loved it! I always wanted one especially after my father, who is an amateur astronomer, got me interested in astronomy. I started going on astronomy outings with a really good friend of mine, Bryan. Many of the outings were failed attempts at astronomy because I wasn’t very proficient at operating my telescope. But after numerous tries I finally got the hang of it. When I finally did, both Bryan and I could appreciate the beauty of the night sky.

I personally found the night sky, as a whole, pristine and majestic. The constellations had a faint and mystic glow to them. The night sky was like a mass orchestra eternally playing away a cosmic tune to which I couldn’t help but connect to. The countless instruments in this orchestra had their own enchanting tunes and melodies. Jupiter with its massive size and glow and tiny four moons, Saturn with its bright yellow hue and spell binding ring, Venus with its eerie resemblance to our Moon and countless other celestial objects captured my heart. The experience of astronomy was a form of spiritual resonance to me. I found great comfort and peace in the night sky. For the first time, I saw beauty in an otherwise ugly world.

This astronomical experience taught me that beauty is all around us. I mean all I had to do was to step out of my house and I could experience the beauty inherent in the night sky. My form of happiness was right next to me. Beauty also exists in all other aspects around us; not just in the night sky. It exists in our daily relationships, in the daily workings of our bodies and even the mechanism of our day to day existence. There is beauty in the most painful of sufferings; for pain always leads to growth. If I may, I think that this universe has been designed to be beautiful in all aspects. And I’m certainly not alone. Paul Dirac, an important physicist and contributor to Quantum Physics, once said, “God used beautiful mathematics in creating the world.” There is certainly permanent and ubiquitous beauty all around us.

I wanted to create a blog where I could share the beauty of this world that I realized. And since this was the purpose of my blog, it deserved an appropriate name. I wanted the name to signify that beauty and happiness is all around us and very close to us.  Heaven would symbolize the immense beauty of phenomena that is all around us. Backyard is a metaphor used to demonstrate the idea of very close proximity. Thus, “Heaven's in the backyard” actually means the immense beauty of life exists very close to us; in a place as close as our backyard. 

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