Monday, February 7, 2011


The very mind that gave me so much pride,
So much happiness,
And so much self-satisfaction,
This very mind is destroying me now.

It is ever powerful,
And thirsty for some divine substance,
But it has no master,
For he is weak.

The very mind that I always saw as a gift is now but a curse.

The very mind that envisioned a noble life dedicated to learning and realization destroyed the very foundation of that potential attainment.

This very mind needs to be tamed,
It is but an illusion of itself.

This very mind, my very mind...


  1. Why blame your mind for this "destruction"

  2. If not myself, then who or what can I blame? Any and every problem in one's life is a creation of the delusions and ignorance inherent within oneself. Blaming someone or something else is simply a form of escapism; which I refuse to resort to.

  3. You wielded the power of your mind in a way that it gave you happiness; your mind is merely your slave. So, yes. You are to blame for this destruction.

    From your post though it sounded that you and your mind are two individuals. In that case, anyone would have said that you were having cognitive dissonance and blaming your mind where actually the culprit would be you, your behaviour.

  4. Thanks for diagnosing my problem Mr/Mrs Identity. The post is an approximation of what I feel. The approximation is caused by my inability to express. My mind and myself are not 2 individuals. They are the same and if I blame my mind, I blame myself as well. I know that I, or the hypothetical mind that I presented in the post, am the cause of all my problems. So I need to change myself to fix things.

    It's odd. The answers to the small questions in life are complex and difficult to find. These questions are the hypothetical ones like "Do extra dimensions exist?" But the answers to the big and important questions in life are always so darn simple and are always in your face. The essence of the answers to the big questions is change yourself.

  5. You are welcome. Do not mind my anonymity. (I am human)

    I would call such questions ("Do extra dimensions exist?") big questions actually. But yes, we see them as small because the responsibility of answering those questions have been divided among...everyone. However, questions regarding our lives are considered big because we see no one else worrying about finding those answers.

    Maybe because, we are to find those answers on our own, life is such that the answers have been made to be simply "in your face". Which is why it is said that to solve a problem, you have got to look at it with simplicity.

    If we talk about change, then that has its own book of rules. But yes, the essence is either to change oneself or to change the pointless thoughts/worrying.

  6. man i want to follow identity's blog instead hahaha.

  7. Haha go ahead Rahul. I would too if he had one.