Saturday, February 26, 2011

One of the numerous philosophical implications of Quantum Physics

Recently I was reading through an interview with Mark Jansen; who is a guitarist and vocalist of the pseudo metal band Epica. Epica recently released a new album titled "Design Your Universe". I found one of Jansen's answers very intriguing so I want to share it here. His answer has something to do with the implications of Quantum Physics and is remarkably related to Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy; that even a single human being has an infinite potential to change himself, his environment and even the entire world. Whether the individual is able to do so depends solely on whether the individual can realize this implicit truth and transform it into reality. By the way, this Mahayana philosophy was expounded centuries before Quantum Physics was even discovered- or as some say, invented.
What inspired the album title? (The title is "Design Your Universe")
That comes from some new ideas in quantum physics, that consciousness has a direct influence on the environment. There have been tests that prove that consciousness is enough to form particles to behave in a certain way. So if consciousness has a direct influence on the environment, then we can create our own environment as human beings. What it means is that if you set your mind to something and really want it to happen, then it will happen. You change from being a victim in this world to someone who takes his own responsibility.

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