Sunday, February 27, 2011


As I live
As I read
As I fight through this seemingly tumultuous life

I am drawn to a Truth
A subtle Truth

It's cold in the way it presents reality
Yet it nourishes and warms this heart
This heart that is so eager for more

It speaks to me
Telling me that I have control
Telling me that I have a responsibility

Simple an ideology
Complex the action

Realization is a two-way relationship
The Truth has found me
But can I find it?


  1. You know surprisingly, this has been the topic for my past week or so. My question is How do we find the truth (put it into action)?

    I am sure we all can. But if we do it very consciously, it can sometimes leave us mentally tired.

    What do you think?

  2. I agree with you. Thinking about Truth consciously is very tiring to the brain.

    From my own experience, I have realized that the best way to find Truth is to become a good person and to live a purposeful life. In my case, that purposeful life would be the life of a Nichiren Buddhist. Living out such a life gives me a deep form of happiness and satisfaction. Though I'm not consciously thinking about Truth while living my life, I am somehow subconsciously drawn to it. I believe this is an approximation of enlightenment. And in fact, being in this state makes thinking about the Truth consciously a lot easier and meaningful, though answers regarding it are never clear cut. That's just the intricacy of it. It's not meant to be comprehended so easily.