Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meaningful change

We all live as we do 
We are all sentient beings
Sensible beings

We all struggle as we do
Some choose to continue
While others to falter

Just like the universe, space, time
Change permeates reality

But what changes does not change in itself
For what is tempestuous is not vacuous

Truth there is in a vast world of change
A truth so great
It makes no mistake

But alas, this long talk of truth is in itself a lie
A lie it is not to the world
But a lie to the seeker

Deep thoughts these are but a depressed being I am
For I have not been what I had been

A strange form of emptiness within an abundant life
A sheer ugliness to everything
Dirt everywhere
Fervency gone

Relationships dull
Days bore
Home I wish I always am 
Bury my sorrow

But within all of this negativity
Within all of this shit
Does the positiveness of truth lie therein?

My state says no
Pulling me further

But my faith says yes
Pulling me out

Fight I must alongside faith
Beat this monster to its death

Out I will emerge from this hell
With great stories to happily tell.

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