Sunday, March 13, 2011


Oh I look forward to cricket practice
There's just something magical about it

It's not really about the sport
Because it's quite the bore

It's not really about our achievements
Because they're not quite galore

It's certainly not about our eminence
Because we're not really adored

It's something exotic about the personae of our players
A dynamic fusion of cultures 

There are the Vietnamese
Calm, cool and composed

There are the Tamilians
Quick, smart and knowledgable

And then there the North Indians
The category where I belong
Hospitable, expressive and perpetually in need of a strong deodorant

These three cultures make and brighten up our team
Oh how wonderful it is- diversity.


  1. Great Work Atreya! You have a really nice and meaningful blog. Makes people think and share your feelings too. Will read it regularly! :D


  2. well done, man. I don't quite know how you get the idea to come up with all this, but still, good job!


  3. To Harish- Thanks again buddy! I really appreciate your feedback.

    To Sriram- Thanks dude! I don't know either. I picked up the concept of poetry recently and it's really amazing. Sometimes you feel certain emotions but you don't know how to understand or express them. The emotions are just way too complex. But when you write poetry, the complexity of these emotions somehow becomes translated into physical words. Its emancipating to put these thoughts down. You feel free and accomplished.

    This poem is, as you can probably tell, dedicated to our cricket team. I just feel this strong sense of homeliness when I'm around the team; in spite of our cultural differences. In fact, the cultural differences add on to the sense of homeliness I feel. This humanistic feeling inspired my poem.

  4. your cricket team rocks man.