Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Oh rain
What is it about you?
You gave me a moment's joy 

Amidst my darkest hour 

How is it so?
The darkness that accompanies you
Illuminates the life within me

Maybe the darkness you bring
Maybe the thunder with which you sing
Isolates me 
From my thoughts

Maybe the isolation
Maybe the encompassing darkness
Allows me to revel in 
The dying light therein.

Picture from: http://qwikstep.eu/search/why-are-rain-clouds-dark.html


  1. I completely connect with what you wrote. I've felt a connection with the rain since as long as I can remember. It's like the universe is sending it's love in little droplets of purity. It's the purest form of love I've experienced. Every time it rains my world becomes unreal, I want to be alone with the rain wherever I am.It's almost like a trance for me.Even in it's wildest of forms it is amazingly soothing.