Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Angels Sat by me

A beautiful poem written by my mother. It encompasses everything she and our family is, in a way, going through.

"Two angels sat by me
In my hour of pain
One held my hand in his solid hands
Calming me, sharing my burden
The other nestled in my arms
Warming me, making me forget

Two more angels sat by me
In my hour of loss
One listened to me like the universe does
Vast, doubtless
The other cradled me gently
Telling me I had nothing to fear

Four angels I have by my side
Each worth more than a hundred friendships lost
And a thousand trusts betrayed."

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  1. Thanks for posting it here Atta. I have been thinking that there are so many people in far worse situations than we have ever been, and we owe it to ourselves to be happy as we are.