Friday, April 8, 2011


Talking on the phone
I was encased in your love
In your queer, yet tender drive for truth

As I spoke
As you spoke
As we laughed at my silliness
I couldn't help but feel
That humanity is real

Just as we said goodbye
Somebody decided to say "hi"
Aap Hindi bolte ho?

Haan ji, thordi bohot ji
Aap India say ayai ho?

Smooth as silk
Pristine with humility and worldly respect
Your words brought me back to my little life in India
Embodying the humanistic culture that I have come to love

Even though I didn't understand much of what you said
Even though after ten minutes I didn't know where you really came from
There was just something so profoundly pure about you
A gem of a heart

Flushed with a deep sense of happiness and compassion
Wondering if you felt the same
I couldn't help but ask
Yahan zyaada loag Hindi nahin bolte hain, na?

A gentle grin lit up your beautiful face
You understood
Haan... Yahan zyaada nahin bolte hain
Hindi bolne say hamara dil khush hota hain.

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