Monday, April 11, 2011


Closing my eyes
I let my soul gracefully escape

Led to the temple of Borobudur
I met someone familiar

Engraved in cold, dark stone
Bright and warm Gautama

He was sitting
In his symbolic lotus stance

Overlooking the jagged mountains
Enduring the cold winds

An expression of calm and peace filled the air
The Universe was his; his to rule

He looked right through me
And understood everything

Sit here!
There is much to be learnt

As we meditated 
There was a mystic silence

But in mere moments
The winds began their dance

Hollow currents waled 
Temperatures plummeted

My body cried 
Is this paradise?

As the heavens poured
I felt a surge of warmth

Resolution encased me 
Revolution drove me

There was so much peace amidst pain
Happiness amidst suffering

I could sit there forever
I could endure whatever nature threw at me

"Suffering is the key to happiness"
Gautama spoke.

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  1. This one doesn't fail to move me every time I read it. So beautiful!