Saturday, April 9, 2011

Please come again

Oh, Atreya
The Buddha within me laments

He appears in my life every now and then
Rarely when I need him most

His presence and power is infinite
Tapping endlessly into the abundance which he calls the Universe

He represents a commonality among us beings
The elusive factor of equality
The desired trait of equanimity

He is the embodiment of the great phenomenon of life
Boundless wisdom
Unending mercy

He looks at me with disappointment
Folding his gentle arms
Slowly shaking his head 
A tender smile

My dear Atreya
When will you understand?

When you suffer
You're merely a point in space and time
Swaying with the chaos of life

When you suffer
You're alone
Inherent delusions bet on your fate

Expand yourself to embody the vastness of this universe
The diversity of this beautiful world

Look not through a single dimension
Judge not with anger and singularity in mind
Good and Evil are intertwined
Nobody and nothing is absolute

Change your world-view
Make the entirety of the universe your eyes

The world is peculiar indeed
But we are all here for a reason
And we all have a debt to pay

Words of wisdom 
Profound wisdom
Please come again.

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