Friday, April 15, 2011

Realm of logic

Fascinated by the Mechanics
He left everything behind 
His faith
His purpose
His entirety

Never looking back
He dived into the pool of logic
Swimming amidst the giants
Even Newton

Observing the neuronal nature of information
Understanding the fundamental links
He couldn't help but revel in  
The essence of mechanical thought

As the experience elevated him 
Everything changed
The power of thought prevailed
Symmetrical variables resembled his brain

Just as he reached an epiphany
He lost interest in the swim
Drowned by the forces of nature
He sank to the infinite

The very logic that empowered him
The very logic that symbolized him
That logic killed him

The very logic that he gave up his life for
The very logic that, in his eyes, basked in elegance 
That logic killed him

For logic is itself partial in nature
No matter how general
It answers only some
But certainly not all

Whatever the situation
Never give up faith
Never give up resolve
For they are the real drivers
Which lead us to Dawn.

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