Monday, May 16, 2011


Knowing what to say, when to say, to whom to say, how the hell to say... That's something hard to do. I learnt this the hard way. Come to think of it, I still don't know whether I've really absorbed it. 

You can have awe-inspiring ideas, but when you phrase them wrongly, everything you work for gets debased. You can intertwine heavenly concepts together, but when the wrong person hears it, your efforts will dissolve away in vain. You can speak with grace, using rich and powerful vocabulary, but when you speak at the wrong moment, you end up in shambles. 

Generating ideas and concepts is, unfortunately, just one thing. You are, after all, not alone. To spread these ideas is something else altogether. You need to understand people. You need to understand conversations. You need to be a master of accents, of words, and sometimes even innuendos. You need to be a master of the multiple facets of reality. You need to be wise. It is more important to convince and engage others than just engage yourself. It's more important to use expedients than to expostulate. It is more important to understand than to be understood. 

That's what I learnt. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


There are certainly no bounds to you
My mother once said
If you can do this
You can do anything

In retrospect
I accept all the praise
With folded hands

But humbly
Almost shamefully
I must throw all your love
Down the abyss

A year and a half
I spent in agony
What happened happened
I can't accept anymore

I had my fun
I enjoyed learning
But now it's too late

My mother once said
Nothing is achieved without sacrifice
A life of fun and games
Is an embodiment of pure shame

This is my new challenge
I cannot falter
This is my new life
Move faster?

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A random thought

We are fundamentally alive. We are conscious and have the ability to migrate between different life states. Animals, like my best friend Anakin, are conscious and have the ability to transmigrate between life states too, just that their states have a much smaller and superficial span. Plants are weird though. They don't seem conscious, and because of that we can't infer anything about their trans-migratory properties. But in my scheme of things, I would like to think that they are fundamentally alive. It just seems structurally elegant. Plus, this intuition has rarely failed me and has the reputation to deliver great ideas, at least with other great people. Plants might just be higher forms of life, thriving in compassion as they unrequitedly provide us with food and oxygen. How amazing is that?

They could inherently contain some formless enlightened being, not necessarily human, that is working incessantly for us... us unenlightened beings. For all you know, all the moles of atoms and molecules and fermions and bosons and photons and gluons and quarks and electrons and postirons and godknowswhat-ons could be elevated life-forms conspiring in our favour, to uplift us to a level of co-existence and happiness, just as they exhibit in their beautiful physical and mathematical properties. Maybe the whole material world of science is based on an enlightened world that seeks to enlighten us. That explains our ancestral belief of worldy material respect. It explains why we should not abuse ourselves.

Just a random thought that stemmed from a wonderful conversation I had with my mother.

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

The King

My dear king
Why are you so?
One day you're a friend
And another you're a foe

I thought I understood you
I thought you cared
But soon I had to realize
You are undeniably bare

You say you're the king
You wear the very ring
But honestly what is a king
When he can't even do his own thing?

The whole world is out to get you
Everybody's conspiring against you
So you pull out your anger
Putting your loved ones in danger

I tried so hard
To help you with your weakness
My sole purpose 
Was to ensure your happiness

But what can one do
When the other is so deluded?
When the king thinks he is best
There is nowhere to go but southwest

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