Thursday, May 5, 2011

A random thought

We are fundamentally alive. We are conscious and have the ability to migrate between different life states. Animals, like my best friend Anakin, are conscious and have the ability to transmigrate between life states too, just that their states have a much smaller and superficial span. Plants are weird though. They don't seem conscious, and because of that we can't infer anything about their trans-migratory properties. But in my scheme of things, I would like to think that they are fundamentally alive. It just seems structurally elegant. Plus, this intuition has rarely failed me and has the reputation to deliver great ideas, at least with other great people. Plants might just be higher forms of life, thriving in compassion as they unrequitedly provide us with food and oxygen. How amazing is that?

They could inherently contain some formless enlightened being, not necessarily human, that is working incessantly for us... us unenlightened beings. For all you know, all the moles of atoms and molecules and fermions and bosons and photons and gluons and quarks and electrons and postirons and godknowswhat-ons could be elevated life-forms conspiring in our favour, to uplift us to a level of co-existence and happiness, just as they exhibit in their beautiful physical and mathematical properties. Maybe the whole material world of science is based on an enlightened world that seeks to enlighten us. That explains our ancestral belief of worldy material respect. It explains why we should not abuse ourselves.

Just a random thought that stemmed from a wonderful conversation I had with my mother.

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  1. Reading it again after a break, it reminded me of our wonderful conversation that night while walking along that lonely road by the forest. And yes, I did find Buddhist writings that explain that plants are enlightened beings whose purpose is to support us in our journey. Amazing indeed!