Saturday, July 30, 2011


I did a short write up on playing cricket with my school team. Here it is!

When the year started off back in January, the future looked bleak for NJC cricket. With much of our team’s talent graduated, we only had four players left. Four players to play a game of 11! To aggravate the situation, cricket did not seem to strike the interests of the new cohort of SH1s.

But much to my own fascination, our team size soon expanded to 14. Credit for this behind-the-scenes work has to be given to Aditya Swami and Manish Dahiya, who convinced many of their classmates and fellow scholars to try out the game.

The composition of our newfound team was very unique. It wasn’t just the personalities, but also the blend of nationalities. We had both Indian and Vietnamese players. We spoke different languages and hailed from diverse backgrounds and cultures. One would assume that all this diversity would separate us. But instead, this diversity strangely brought us together as a team.

Throughout the span of the cricket season, we trained very hard and diligently. I still look up to some of my teammates, such as Aditya, Harish, Quang, Dat, Anekant and Tung, who trained with great effort and diligence despite having other time consuming CCAs and H3 subjects to tackle.

During our official matches with other teams, I witnessed some commendable game-play from our team. I saw inexperienced players play with great passion and unexpected competence. An example of such a player is Tung. He had previously never heard of cricket in his life, but during the matches he became one of our best batsmen, bowlers and fielders. I also saw some experienced players play really well too. Examples would be Manish, Aditya, Anekant and Archit, who many a time saved the team from a quick defeat.

Despite all of our effort, we did not manage to get through the qualifying round. Though this may seem disheartening at first sight, I beg to differ. The entire experience made our friendships stronger. If I may, I think the experience also made us better people, because we learnt to continue training hard despite our constant failure. We also learnt not to take ourselves too seriously and to laugh at our own silly mistakes!

I said in the beginning of this write-up that the future for NJC cricket looked bleak. As I recall the entire experience, I can only say that there was nothing bleak about it. I only have memories of great fun and joy. 

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