Saturday, September 24, 2011

Army of the tainted

Back in the days
I looked down upon you 
I laughed at your ignorance
You blasphemous fools! 

You put on this facade
This guise of masculinity
I was better than you
More human than you

I've always been a saint
I've always been pure
But just look at me now

I can't help it
I've become you 
I've joined the army of the tainted
But does that make me any less sainted? 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My room

That picture is not of my room by the way, neither will it ever be because my family will kill me if I bring my dirty bike in. 

So anyways, about rooms- is it just me or do our rooms reflect something innate about us? I really think they do and I also think we overlook that something they portray.

A few years back, my room used to be super-duper clean. My bed was always made and my study table always organized. My drum kit was dust-free and I had really nice posters... mostly nerdy ones. I never realized what my room reflected- I was a really hard-working diligent boy.

I still am, but I’ve got to admit I’ve lost a bit of that industry. And by God it shows. Come into my room and you’ll realize why. My bed is rarely made. On some days, my guitar lies where I sleep. On others, my books and laptop lie next to where I sleep. My clothes are usually thrown around sporadically. Oh, and I no longer have any posters. My room’s a mess, quite like me right now. Plus I always close the curtains... I always close the door. I guess it’s because I don’t want the world to see me. I don’t want the world to see the ugly mess I’m in. I want to be known for being clean and pure, not for this.

And if you examine my room over time, you’ll realize that it’s never exactly in an absolute mess. One day it’s messy, and on the other it’s surprisingly clean. It’s actually because I keep making resolutions to change every other day... to get better every day. But the problem is that my resolutions usually last for a day only, so on the next I’m back to square one... and so is my room!

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