Sunday, February 19, 2012


To be involved, to be busy, to be immersed... that's one thing. Whatever you do, there's always a way out. You can always say no. If you think life sucks, you can always leave and go somewhere else.

But to be trapped, and I mean it quite literally, that's another thing altogether. To know there's no way out, that every possible struggle for freedom is pointless, that feeling of desolation is difficult to describe... and even more difficult to understand. I mean we're all so used to having life our own way. We're all so used to hope. How can one understand the non-existence of hope?

You'd think there's sadness. Not much of it really. There's more of emptiness, and emptiness is difficult to describe. There's regression too, and that's impossible to explain. The paucity of human (or perhaps my) vocabulary is getting the better of me now... This entrapment is profound.

But thankfully not all is lost. Surprising as it is, the human spirit survives. I don't understand how, but this boundless spirit finds joy, laughter and camaraderie in the darkest of places. 


  1. The great escape
    One can understand the frustration when one faces a situation which seems to be unpalatable and never ending day in and day out. What is one to do? You look up, it is the same sky; one looks down ,it is the same boring floor; you look right and left same people same buildings same situation. Ooph,no way to escape from this. l
    Is there hope of any different future? Seems none!!.
    Ray of hope peeping from behind the clouds of the same boring sky.!! Start counting the days. 5 more days to go like this. Never mind. Tune up your body to sustain for these five days. Hey then you are ready for a doze of rejuvenation. In the week end that you are going to spend in the environment you like, replenish all to oversaturation. This infusion should gradually leach out in the next 5 days. And lo and behold you have conquered your apathy. You are up and about to face the nonsensical world you have been forced into .
    One biggest boon is to know that it is for a limited time. Compare yourself to the prisoner who has been incarcerated for the life time. You are far better off. You know after a certain length of time you will be out.
    So Atreya, soak up all the manna during your weekend, so that the weekdays will not be able to force you into despair.
    From your loving Nani (Buddhan)

  2. Love your attitude Atreya. What a spirit!