Friday, March 2, 2012

Some powerful moments


For the past 4 weeks, I've been training in the army on an island called Pulau Tekong. It's been a physical and mental roller-coaster so far. But nonetheless, I've enjoyed myself thoroughly. In my time there, I've had numerous moments that made me go "wow!"

One of those moments was during field training (in a forest). My buddies and I had put camouflage cream on our faces so that we blended in with the forest. We had also covered our vests and helmets with leaves and twigs. We were then instructed to lie prone next to a tree and disguise ourselves. We were not supposed to move because that could give up our location. Lying there, next to a tree, I somehow felt one with the forest. I felt one with nature. There were ants and funny-looking insects crawling all over me. There were even insects inside my pants. But none of that mattered to me. I was at peace... And everything felt so right. I could just stay there forever; become a rotting log or even a small tree. That was something.

Another powerful moment was seeing my buddies getting punished and watching them do push-ups in compensation. This sounds rather sadistic, but believe me it's not. The sight of 50 to 60 young men going down to the floor and back up in that push-up position- something about that sight was very powerful.

The last experience that impacted me was during one of our long marches. We were all wearing our full gear, with our huge fatigue backpacks, helmets and rifles. I was at the back of my marching group. All around me was dense vegetation. Looking in front, I saw the rest of my group. Everybody looked the same to me from back there. Everybody looked equal. There were differences in height and shit like that, but that didn't matter much. While marching, our helmets and bulky bags were swaying in cadence, and our footsteps were in tune. There was something simple, yet so powerful and harmonious about that moment. I really enjoyed it.

My army experience so far has been a collection of such wonderful moments and of course, many painful ones too. I look forward to more of these wonderful moments.

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  1. Beautiful evolution can be visualised in your writing.It is good to see the transformation in your thinking.I think Singapore Army does a great job for marinading their boys into the special sauce which matures their boys into patriots in a matter of 2 weeks.