Sunday, May 13, 2012

My duty?

If you look at this world objectively, assuming there is some frame of objectiveness, you'll come to see that it's rather arbitrary.

I mean for some strange reason women were wired to suffer physically. Women go through years of painful, periodic cramps. They carry the load of an offspring for almost a year. They suffer 12 hours (and more!) of agony as that very offspring enters the world! Oh yeah, and they have to live with the lustful stares of hungry males... What they go through, I would never know. I do know one thing though- if an intrinsic duty to mankind exists, women by their very nature fulfill it.

Men on the other hand are so different. For some strange reason, men were not wired to live a tough life. They don't have to suffer physical hardship as their female counterparts do. Unlike women, their natural build and toughness protects them from physical harm. The only possible duty a man fulfills is impregnation. But then again, given our nature, I think that's more of a privilege than a duty... If you think about it, men do not fulfill any duty to mankind. If anything, they are a burden.

So what then is a man's duty to mankind?

I asked myself this many times when I conscripted into the army. Then it all made sense. The only advantage a man has over a woman is his natural physical strength. Isn't it then a man's duty, by his tough nature, to physically defend women and children against those who wish to harm them? Isn't it his duty to mankind to use his toughness to defend those who are vulnerable?

This is one of the thoughts that helped me excel in my army training. I now understand the purpose of army and my presence in it. I now know my duty as a man- to protect my loved ones, my nation and my world. 


  1. Atreya..
    i agree to this as well:)
    so yea

  2. I remember reading somewhere that a woman becomes "good" naturally as she becomes a mother, whereas a man has to work very hard to be considered a "good man". This is another dimension to the differences you have noted in your article.

  3. The purpose of the army and its role in a society, country and international relations is very complex and mind boggling. Your post has set me thinking about these things. Nonethelss, your clear aim on national service is righteous and just. Keep it up bro!

  4. Hey my budding boy man,I love what you have expressed. Do you know now why women are labelled ""the weaker sex". That is to boost up the ego of the macho man and to accept to be protected. What magnanimity we females display!!! but I don't understand being labelled fair sex? Surely has nothing to do with complexion. I think it is the dealing which is qualified.By and large women are fair, but that does not mean men are unfair, but all the same these adjectives were coined by men.Coming to the crux of the whole creation, God had given sincere thought and tried to give a fair distribution of duties. "Women to bear and men to be borne".

  5. Very beautiful thought, Atreya. I suggest you a book, The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. It epitomizes the what you said. And this thought was stuck in my mind long after I finished reading this book. Women have to suffer a lot throughout their lives, despite the fact that it is they who hold together families, make the bigger sacrifices for their offspring, not just at birth but throughout their lives. It's in the nature of things.

    So as a basic responsibility, it is a man's duty to understand the significant other in times of distress and at times when she expects to be understood tacitly. Apart from just protecting a female, I would consider it man's primary duty to understand, emotionally support and always remember all the sacrifices that she goes on making, without complain and without disdain, with all her heart.