Sunday, July 14, 2013

Middle Way of things

Of all men
Stand out two traits

The sanctimonious
Who judge the world without a trial

And the amoral
Who try the world without a judgement.

In my journey experimenting (subconsciously) with these traits, I have come to a conclusion on the middle way of things.

A man of truth is not one who is sanctimonious. He is not one who sits in his temple and preaches his impervious principles.

He is one who steps out and dares to experiment with things, even if those things are wrong. He may even be the one doing something wrong, except that he'll be fully aware of the wrongness of his actions- but he'll still do it, you see.

He redesigns his principles based on experiments.

He doesn't judge without a trial.
And if he can't undertake a trial he doesn't judge.

Just my thoughts on the middle way of things.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


If I saw a field
Wispy grass swaying with the breeze
I'd think of life in its entirety
And enjoy it for its complexity

But if I couldn't see the entirety
Or comprehend the complexity
Then I would see the colours
And enjoy them for their wonders

And if I couldn't see the colours
Or sense their wonders
Then I would feel the breeze
And enjoy it for its ease

And if I couldn't feel the breeze
Or enjoy its ease
Then I would feel my presence
And enjoy it in its essence